We’re always on the hunt for great product design ideas to provide our clients across our multiple divisions.

So, we’re excited to expand a handful of our Novas Kitchen & Bathroom series with our new progressive mixer.

Novas Progressive Mixer Bronze

We’re including it in our Sottile series, as well as each of the series within our Botanic Kitchen & Bathroom Collection.

This means our progressive mixer will be available in each of our bold, unique knurling patterns (Angophora, Helanthi, Integrifolia and Telopea), in addition to the sleek and understated Sottile tapware offering.

This flexibility is yet another way we’re providing our clients with design options that serve to tell their design story throughout their projects.

More than a progressive mixer

The design of our new progressive mixer stems from our Olo tapware series — a range of sophisticated and sleek products that work to enhance organic features within a design, as seen at Noba Apartments in Melbourne’s east.

“We’re really excited about how we’ve taken an existing design of ours, and with a few tweaks, we’ve created another truly beautiful product that works so well across our offering.” Paul Thornewell, Novas General Manager — Product, Sales & Marketing

Not only is our new progressive mixer available in all our knurling patterns, but it can be specified in each of our Novas PVD finishes.

Novas Progressive Mixer Gold

On top of that, we have been conscious of finding the perfect cartridge technology for this product. After testing and trials, we’re excited to offer a superior, high quality brass cartridge.

Our new progressive mixer is available in wall and hob mount variants, with the basin mixer options coming in at 6-star WELS rating (4.5L/min).

Ready to specify

Our new progressive mixer is ready to be sampled and specified.

We’re looking forward to seeing how architects and designers are integrating this new product in projects across the country, especially the many different ways it can be mixed and matched with various finishes and knurling patterns.

Contact us to learn more about specifying it.