Completely unique and breathtaking, Premier Tower is already one of the most impressive works of architecture in Australia.

Nearing completion and standing in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, its undulating curved facade is beginning to create a striking and unique skyline addition.

Within the facade’s glass, steel and concrete composition, you will find 796 apartments and 172 hotel rooms spread across 77 uniquely designed storeys.

Premier Tower Facade

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This is a classic Elenberg Fraser design, in that it is completely unique.

Not your average design

Premier Tower’s external curvature is no easy feat to bring to life.

The design of this dynamic facade was a challenge for Elenberg Fraser and their structural engineering team and consultants. But extensive research into the site and utilising their parametric modelling techniques meant that the vision could truly be actualised.

“The architectural form has been designed in a unique performative outcome where the building disperses the wind loads away from the habitable spaces to encourage the activation of both interior and exterior spaces. The form has also been manipulated to maximise the spectacular view lines of iconic sights, such as Port Phillip Bay, that surround the building.” — Emma Nunan, Associate (Interior Design), Elenberg Fraser
Premier Tower View

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Among being architecturally bold and adventurous, the vision for Premier Tower was to create a comprehensive vertical living environment, where residents’ daily needs and experiences are met and enhanced within the project’s offering.

This has resulted in a truly inspired interior concept across the tower, where each floor takes on its own personality, much like the exterior commands its own captivated audience.

Level 46, for example, embraces a dramatic, performer-esque persona. This works hand-in-hand with the programs on offer that focus on the idea of entertainment. This level hosts facilities such as gaming arenas, karaoke rooms and golf simulators — enabling residents to unwind and enjoy socially interacting with each other.

Premier Tower Shared Space

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The interior design of the spaces play on the narrative formed for each level in dynamic and playful ways. The feature gold scale ceiling installation in the level 46 game arena is one example of a space where the interiors will reflect and respond to the residents actions within that particular space.

“These are designed to be fun, dynamic spaces that people want to be connected to. This encourages people to come out of their apartments and use the spaces, meet their neighbours and feel part of a community.” — Emma Nunan, Associate (Interior Design), Elenberg Fraser
Consistent design from the outside-in

Continuing Premier Tower’s curvaceous external design into these impressive interiors is rooted in luxury fixtures, fittings and finishes that reflect the vision.

Premier Tower Bedroom

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We worked with the team at Elenberg Fraser to create a complete Novas Architectural Doorware package to do just that.

The rounded features of our B Series 31 Lever is a perfect example of how we worked to support the design team’s vision.

To round off the supplied Architectural Doorware, Premier Tower will benefit from a Novas restricted master keying system.

Carrying on from supplying thoughtful Architectural Doorware, we are supplying a varied selection of Novas Kitchen & Bathroom products from a combination of our specifically selected Series, including Classic, Classic Round, Helsinki and Qube in a variety of our PVD finishes.

Premier Tower Bathroom

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This mix and match strategy is perfect in keeping the overall design intent, whilst creating those special individualised details across each of the apartment schemes.

“We always know we’re getting a quality product when working with Novas. What distinguishes them from the market is their ability to customise and create something unique for each of our projects. For Premier Tower, Novas has responded to matching the design intent for our apartment schemes with the precision and quality that our residents deserve.” — Emma Nunan, Associate (Interior Design), Elenberg Fraser
Premier Tower Interior Apartment

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Redefining architecture and design

Premier Tower and the example it sets is arguably redefining not only Melbourne’s city skyline, but how architecture responds to the concept of treating a project as its own being, with personalities dispersed throughout the interiors.

As always, working alongside this project team has been a pleasure for us, and delivering Novas Architectural Doorware and Novas Kitchen & Bathroom products to another iconic tower only further fuels our passion for this industry.

We have recently launched our first integrated design collections. Learn more about the Botanic Kitchen & Bathroom Collection here, and the Botanic Doorware Collection here.