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Novas Glass & Glazing supplies and installs frameless shower screen panels of the highest quality, ensuring to work closely with designs to execute clean, straight lines in any bathroom.

Offering acid etched, and clear and ultra clear (low iron) glass options, we are able to work within any budget constraints, whilst our close relationships with our selectively chosen accredited glass toughening plants means that our products are safe and reliable.

With our premium Novas Kitchen & Bathroom products, we are able to partner with you to execute luxurious and functional bathroom projects within one contract, enabling more streamlined project administration.

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Semi Frameless Shower Screens

We ensure stability meets elegance with made-to-fit premium semi frameless shower screens.

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We provide strong customised splashbacks, both as painted and mirrored options, ensuring to accomplish various kitchen design statements.

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Gg Mirrors Tile

Novas Glass & Glazing knows the versatility of mirrors and works to ensure seamless and strong finishes.

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Novas Glass & Glazing understands the importance of a streamlined installation process, and utilised various techniques and technologies to achieve this.

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Glass & Glazing

With a unique presence throughout Australia, Novas Glass & Glazing specialises in the production and installation of safe, high quality, and customised glass solutions, including frameless and semi-frameless shower screens, splashbacks and mirrors.

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