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We are proud of our commitment to the environment, as we constantly strive to reduce, recycle and restrain from excessive waste and energy consumption in all Novas manufacturing, distribution and marketing processes.

Key Novas initiatives towards greater sustainability include our prominent online presence and focus on
e-commerce rather than printing.

All paper that is used for our minimal hard-copy printing and promotions must be FSCC (Forest Stewardship Council Certification) or PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified and sourced responsibly.

Specifically, we focus on environmental preservation and aim to improve and develop our products with sustainability at the forefront of our designs and manufacturing.

Novas lessens environmental impacts by manufacturing premium products that provide longevity and functionality, reducing the need for replacements.

Importantly, all stainless steel products are manufactured using premium stainless steel and are not plated, ensuring no waste material or carcinogens are produced in the manufacturing process.

We are dedicated to continuously monitoring our efforts to reduce our footprint, and always look to adopt new sustainability initiatives as they are developed.

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Kitchen & Bathroom

Novas Kitchen & Bathroom offers a large assortment of premium and customisable products to provide any kitchen or bathroom with high quality style and functionality.

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Architectural Doorware

The Novas Architectural Doorware range boasts a wide variety of premium doorware solutions in a vast array of high quality finishes to suit any design vision.

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The Novas Joinery team provides expert knowledge, service, and support in order to achieve customised kitchen, vanity, wardrobe, and installation joinery outcomes, all whilst preserving design intention and remaining within budget.

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Glass & Glazing

With a unique presence throughout Australia, Novas Glass & Glazing specialises in the production and installation of safe, high quality, and customised glass solutions, including frameless and semi-frameless shower screens, splashbacks and mirrors.

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