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Novas Glass & Glazing works hard to ensure care is taken into producing premium products that meet rigorous safety standards.

Not merely concerned with production volume, Novas Glass & Glazing uses expert knowledge and experience to provide a high-quality service that ensures designs are met safely and within budget constraints.

“We assist with designs that will appease architects, designers, developers and builders, meeting end-user expectations” – Kennedy Ruhnau, National Manager – Novas Glass & Glazing​

Our unique reach and presence across Australia has seen Novas Glass & Glazing service various large-scale and high end projects including:

  • Macquarie Park Village, NSW
  • Eliza, NSW
  • Bohem, SA
  • Holiday Inn, SA
  • Eden Apartments, VIC (Master Builders Award Winning)
  • 50 Albert Road, VIC

Knowing how to find the balance between safety, functionality, and design, Novas Glass & Glazing can provide your project with the expertise needed to execute the strongest project programs. Our diversity in marketplace experience ensures our team understands builders’ requirements, as well as the importance of reliability and autonomy.

Our manufacturing plant in is IS9001-2000 accredited, meaning all products and suppliers must similarly meet Australian standards.

As a strong and experienced part of the Novas Group, Novas Glass & Glazing will ensure safe and strong glass, whilst providing value management support throughout the entire project contract.

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Frameless Shower Screens

We have extensive experience in using frameless shower screens to execute seamless and elegant bathroom statements.

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Semi Frameless Shower Screens

We ensure stability meets elegance with made-to-fit premium semi frameless shower screens.

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Gg Splashbacks Tile

We provide strong customised splashbacks, both as painted and mirrored options, ensuring to accomplish various kitchen design statements.

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Gg Mirrors Tile

Novas Glass & Glazing knows the versatility of mirrors and works to ensure seamless and strong finishes.

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Novas Glass & Glazing understands the importance of a streamlined installation process, and utilised various techniques and technologies to achieve this.

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