Joinery Kitchen Landing

Novas Joinery understands the importance of balancing architectural design intent with impeccable functionality, and is committed to working with you and your architects to achieve this.

Dedicated to true design vision, we will search the world’s resources – from purpose-built veneer fashioned from old jetty posts in Denmark, to utilising Australia’s most humble natural treasures.

Importantly, we understand the need for autonomy. For example, in order to achieve a bold, 3 metre cantilever benchtop design with incorrect drawings, the expert team at Novas worked to calculate fixing points and weights and how to conceal the benchtop’s frame, whilst consulting an engineer’s opinion. The result was preserved design intent, without additional work to the builder or architect.

Collaborating with external partners and successful design management ensure top-quality finishes, within time and budget constraints.

Joinery Vanities Tile

We help to create architecturally designed cutting-edge, slimline vanities, whilst continuously ensuring functionality, design and cost-competitiveness.

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Wardrobe Joinery Test

We produce quality wardrobe solutions that balance functionality and versatility with design aesthetics.

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Joinery Tile
Novas Joinery

Novas Joinery specialises in building and fostering partnerships in order to maintain design intent and product quality, whilst ensuring cost competitiveness.

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