As part of our ongoing commitment to designing, manufacturing and supplying beautiful products to brilliant projects, we recently launched our Botanic Collection: Botanic Kitchen & Bathroom Collection and Botanic Doorware Collection.

We’re providing our clients with product design consistency like never before.

Now you can specify matching collections across both Novas Architectural Doorware and Novas Kitchen & Bathroom.

Integrated Design Approach — Updated For Articles

Our continuous market research and collaborations with leading Australian architects and designers has led us to develop a whole new approach to integrated design.

And Botanic is our first integrated collection across our Novas divisions.

The Botanic Kitchen & Bathroom Collection comprises four series of kitchen and bathroom tapware and bathroom accessories, each with its own distinctive knurling pattern inspired by native Australian flora, and deliberately applied as the hero element of each product's design.

Now you can add door levers and pull handles to that list.

Discover our Botanic Doorware Collection products — click here for our Integrifolia knurling pattern, and for our Helanthi knurling pattern, click here.

Botanic Collection Integrifolia
Botanic Doorware Collection: a knurling continuation

Our Botanic Doorware Collection is a direct response to the market’s desire for a more resolved and simple approach to design continuation.

“We found a recurring theme about the frustrations behind specifying products that continue a design theme throughout the room, apartment and project. So we did something about it.” — Paul Thornewell, Novas General Manager — Product, Sales & Marketing

With the Botanic Collection, architects and designers are able to specify door furniture, door pulls, kitchen and bathroom tapware, and bathroom accessories that are consistent in design.

“Rather than having a door lever from one supplier and a tap from another, you’ve got this consistent design language that you pick up from the second you walk through the door,” says Paul

The very first experience for end users is opening the door to their apartment with a Botanic door lever, and as they move through the space, they experience consistent physical touchpoints — the Botanic kitchen mixer, the Botanic door pulls, the Botanic bathroom accessories and tapware.

It’s aimed at providing a resolved design.

The fine details

Botanic Doorware is available in two lever design options and two versions of a pull handle.

These options include variations to the cylinder and the placement of the knurling, giving our clients even more flexibility and choice across the Botanic series.

Botanic Lever

Each option is available in our Integrifolia and Helanthi knurling patterns across our wide range of Novas PVD finishes.

All products within the Botanic Doorware Collection are available in 304 commercial grade stainless steel and benefit from 25 year mechanical warranties.

On top of that, our Botanic Door Levers feature D8 commercial grade durability and S8 commercial grade security — both performing at the highest level available.

Providing a resolved design experience

At Novas, we take design seriously, and we never let an opportunity pass to provide our clients with considered, beautiful products that address their frustrations and desires.

And when those products make the specification process easier and more streamlined, well, that’s part of the Novas difference.

Take a closer look at our Botanic Doorware Collection — click here for our Integrifolia knurling pattern, and for our Helanthi knurling pattern, click here.