Gg Splashbacks Tile

Novas Glass & Glazing offers completely customisable splashbacks that add striking design statements to any kitchen or wet area.

Our made-to-fit splashbacks available with GPO cutouts and notches are supplied in both painted and mirrored finishes.

Using an array of colours ranging from solid to metallic, our painted splashbacks are manufactured with clear or ultra clear (low iron) glass to ensure high quality finishes.

Our mirrored splashbacks are toughened to meet strict Australian standards, and work perfectly as a creative solution to maximising space.

Due to their durability and versatile customisation, Novas Glass & Glazing splashbacks are also ideal for alternate applications in commercial and corporate projects.

Whatever the environment, we will work with you to ensure our products meet design integrity, within budget.

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Glass & Glazing

With a unique presence throughout Australia, Novas Glass & Glazing specialises in the production and installation of safe, high quality, and customised glass solutions, including frameless and semi-frameless shower screens, splashbacks and mirrors.

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