Novas Joinery works hard to make basic functions brilliant.

Wardrobe Joinery Test

Utilising the highest-quality paint available with perfect consistency for even surfacing, Novas Joinery’s wardrobe finishes are strong and flawless, whilst offering completely customisable handles, all purpose-built and made to fit.

With an exceptional attention to detail, we strive to achieve design expectations, all whilst remaining commercially sustainable.

Partnering with Novas ensures great products, and a strong partnership throughout the entire process, supporting you with value management, supply chain, and production expertise.

Joinery Kitchen Tile

We work extensively with kitchen products and understand the importance kitchen-specific functions, such as engineering airflow for integrated appliances.

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Joinery Vanities Tile

We help to create architecturally designed cutting-edge, slimline vanities, whilst continuously ensuring functionality, design and cost-competitiveness.

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Joinery Tile
Novas Joinery

Novas Joinery specialises in building and fostering partnerships in order to maintain design intent and product quality, whilst ensuring cost competitiveness.

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