At Novas, we’re always looking for a better way to deliver superior outcomes for our clients.

Now, it’s time to take it a step further: we’re redefining the way we think about integrated product design specification.

We’re providing our clients with product design consistency like never before.

Now you will be able to specify matching collections across both Novas Architectural Doorware and Novas Kitchen & Bathroom.

Our first step is by introducing the Botanic Doorware Collection, which works hand-in-hand with our recently released Botanic Kitchen & Bathroom Collection of kitchen and bathroom tapware and bathroom accessories.

Take a closer look at our Botanic Doorware Collection — click here for our Integrifolia knurling pattern, and for our Helanthi knurling pattern, click here.

Integrated Design Approach — Updated For Articles
Helping architects and designers tell the story

We’ve had extensive conversations about motivations and frustrations with the A&D market, and we have noticed a consistent message.

Overwhelmingly, architects and designers want the ability to specify a single range across all kitchen and bathroom products, as well as doorware products.

So, we’re doing something about it.

“One of our aims is to provide cohesion. We are making it easier for architects and designers, whilst fulfilling their visions of consistent, beautiful and well-performing products that are unique to the end user. It just makes practical sense.” — Nick Johnston, Novas Design Director

Our Botanic Kitchen & Bathroom Collection — four series of tapware and bathroom accessories, each with their own unique knurling patterns — is perfectly matched with our Botanic Doorware Collection.

By specifying the Botanic Collection, you are signing up to a consistent design, and a streamlined specification process.

Botanic Lever
“Cohesive design is like a language that you pick up the second you walk into the room. The very first interaction is opening the door, and as you walk in, you experience a resolved design across your kitchen, your bathroom, your cupboards.” — Paul Thornewell, Novas General Manager — Product, Sales & Marketing
Making specification simpler

An integrated design approach across Novas Architectural Doorware and Novas Kitchen & Bathroom means less time spent for architects and designers matching colours, finishes and materials between multiple suppliers.

“A lot of the time, we’ve found that architects and designers are working between multiple suppliers and have to specify products that are similar, whether that’s finishes, patterns, material or design. And similar isn’t enough.” — Todd Foster, Novas Managing Director

Due to our unique manufacturing capabilities, you can trust us to deliver consistency across all our integrated products, no matter how small or intricate the detail.

Botanic Collection — Knurling Tool

On top of that, by specifying an integrated design, you are dealing with one company for multiple products across several categories and a single person for the entire process — one person who you can direct all your queries to, who works with the rest of the team dedicated to delivering your vision.

Resolved design

We’re harnessing our unique capabilities as manufacturers and suppliers of Architectural Doorware, Kitchen & Bathroom, and Glass & Glazing products and Joinery pulls, and providing our clients with the confidence that their design story will be a seamless transition across their project’s fittings and fixtures.

Botanic isn’t the only integrated collection at Novas. We are committed to providing architects and designers with brilliant designs and cohesive specification options.

Specify a Novas integrated design, and never settle for similar.

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