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We help create touchless access to your building

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Digital Control
Digital control

Using low energy Bluetooth and the Novas app, your Smart Lock is easily customised and controlled from your device.

Go Handsfree
One Touch Unlocking

Open your door via the Novas Smart Lock Widget, swipe left and open door.

Integrated Access
Integrated access

Forget the fob. Our digital wallet provides you access across your entire building.

One Touch Unlocking
Go handsfree

Voice commands, auto lock and proximity functions means you can lock and unlock on the go.

Leading Design

You no longer have to settle for bulky digital systems fixed to the door. Novas Smart Lock is installed in the doorframe.

Building Integration

Your Novas digital wallet provides access throughout the entire building. Access the building entrance, lift and car park or common areas such as the gym, swimming pool and mail room all from your device.

Key Sharing

Share unlimited access, one time access or specific times for family, friends, guests or service people. Novas Smart Lock provides you complete control over who has digital keys and when they can use them.

  • Product SeriesMortice Strike
  • MaterialStainless Steel
  • Warranty25 Year Mechanical, 12 Months Electronic Warranty
  • NotesControlled by the Smart Lock app | Uses Bluetooth Smart technology | Capacity of up to 1,000 users | Retains over 1,000 event rolling audit trail

Is Smart Lock compatible with any handle?

Yes. Smart Lock has been designed to work with any handle, lever or finish. Unlike other devices, our technology won’t compromise your aesthetic.

Can I still open/close my door with a traditional lock and key?

For sure. Novas Smart Lock is still installed with a traditional lock that allows you to open and close your door as you normally would with a regular key and handle.

I’m having technical issues with my key/app. What should I do?

If you’re experiencing technical difficulties with your lock or key, first make sure you’ve disconnected from all other Bluetooth devices. Power down, power back up and reconnect. If issues persist, contact our support team.

My lock appears ‘out of range’ but I’m close by.

This can happen for a number of reasons. First, turn your bluetooth on and off. On an iPhone, you can do this through the Control Centre. If the issue persists, restart your phone. If the problem continues even after powering on and off, your lock batteries may need to be replaced.

I got a message about ‘corrupted data’.

Please don’t panic. A corrupted data message normally means that due to an issue, some of your non-vital information about your keys has been lost. But your keys themselves are still safe and saved. Typically, you will get back all non-vital information that was lost the next time you connect to your lock. For issues around ownership, please contact our support team.

My phone doesn’t play a sound when locked and unlocked.

First, check the volume on your phone. Please make sure you’re checking the phone media playback volume not the ringer volume. On iOS devices, check that the mute button is disabled. Please also ensure that you’ve enabled sound in the Novas App.


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