Over the last 4 years, we have been working hard to train our trusted and reliable offshore joinery supplier on our Novas standards, Australian standards, accuracy and consistency, as well as building and upskilling our own joinery support team, both in Vietnam and Australia.

We now have a strong team of Quality Controllers, Estimators, Contract Administrators, Project Coordinators and Designers that work closely with our clients to streamline the project process.

After years of building and strengthening these foundations, it’s now time for Novas Joinery to expand Australia-wide.

Joinery Aus Wide — Luminary Kitchen Min

Novas Joinery at Luminary

Looking ahead

We’re excited about our expansion — about the opportunities and the challenges it presents:

“We’re really looking forward to working with new styles and the different ways people live across Australia. Queensland, for example, is a lot more open with more indoor-outdoor living, which is something we can’t wait to get stuck into,” says Anthony Alexopoulos, Novas Joinery Director

Our success thus far is as a result of our close partnerships with architects, builders and developers in Victoria — these relationships are really important to us, and we can’t wait to strengthen them and forge more bonds as we expand across the country.

Joinery Aus Wide — Luminary Wine Room Min

Novas Joinery at Luminary

On top of that, we’re always looking to build and strengthen our own team and resources:

“We’re mostly excited about moving into our own dedicated Joinery factory and taking complete ownership of our own production and process,” says Anthony

This will build upon our already-strong manufacturing methods, including our transparent and highly scrutinised QA processes with weekly updates to our clients.

Novas Joinery at 424 Malvern Rd

Testament to our success in Victoria are some of our recent projects, including 424 Malvern Rd, Luminary and The Spanish Club prototype. The level of detail, expertise and client relationships displayed during these projects are exactly what we are looking to showcase across the rest of Australia.

Read more about Novas Joinery here, or contact us about how we can partner with you on your next project.