At Novas, we’re always looking to push the envelope, to test boundaries, and to continue to design and develop unique products.

Right now, we’re stepping into a new era of Novas, so we’ve sought out the best of the best — joining us is award-winning industrial designer, Nicholas Johnston.

Partnering with us as our Design Director, and with his commitment to holistic and premium design, Nick will kick things off with an exclusive integrated range between Novas Kitchen & Bathroom and Novas Architectural Doorware.

The who

Nick hardly needs an introduction — with 10 years experience in industrial design, and an impressive list of design accolades to his name, it’s fair to say he has earned his place among the most esteemed designers in our market segment in Australia.

Introducing Nj — Vertical Image
“The combination of Nick’s remarkable work and our custom manufacturing abilities across Novas Kitchen & Bathroom and Novas Architectural Doorware is extremely exciting, and we’re thrilled about this partnership.” — Todd Foster, Novas Managing Director

Kicking off his career at the Miele design centre in Germany, Nick has worked with a notable list of companies, including Samsung and Microsoft.

Closer to home, though, is his experience in the premium kitchen and bathroom design space, where he has designed over a dozen ranges, winning 5 prestigious design awards, including a Red Dot Award (Global), a Good Design Award — Best in Class (Aus) and an Architizer Award (Global).

And now, after working in other industries, he’s returning to his passion:

“After spending some time in the tech startup world, it’s exciting to get back into the architectural product space,” says Nick.
The what

Our custom manufacturing capabilities place Novas in a unique position, allowing Nick the resources and production support to design and produce exclusive Novas ranges that extend across our multiple package offering.

“We see there’s an opportunity to lead with ranges that enable a degree of customisation and furthers the design continuity for clients' projects.” explains Nick.

We’re harnessing the fact that we can offer our clients products and services across Architectural Doorware, Kitchen & Bathroom, Joinery and Glass & Glazing, and producing new products that will serve them holistically from a design perspective.

The why

We are continuously working to find better ways to serve our clients, and this is no different — we must now span into thoughtful, leading-edge products.

“(The ultimate architectural product) needs to draw you in aesthetically and be physically beautiful, but functionally, it also needs to surprise and delight the user every day. We’re all emotional beings after all.” — Nick

It’s now time to partner with Nick to produce something exceptional, and we’re setting the bar high — we can’t wait.