Novas teams up with PDG, Elenberg Fraser and Disegno for the Royal Elizabeth in Melbourne. It’s a journey that has been, for Disegno, “a true testament to the strength of our working partnership”.

A glimmering figure in the Melbourne skyline, PDG’s latest project the Royal Elizabeth intends on being a grandiose fixture that brings a little bit of greenery into the city’s heart.

Royal Elizabeth Balaustrade Detail Lr Rgb Min

Inspired by the romantic Australian notion of the wilderness and lush eucalyptus trees, the Royal Elizabeth features a rippling exterior of varied aluminium balustrade screening designed to reflect the sun as it moves from east to west. In five different shades of green, the screening replicates the image of foliage interspersed with bronze-glazed glass that peaks out from between the leaves.

Disegno has paid careful attention to every aspect of the design of the Royal Elizabeth – highly conscious of the way in which every small detail can impact the ultimate atmosphere and design of a project. Disegno elected to use the Novas 72 Lever in Satin Stainless Steel, citing the lever’s “organic nature and fluid form – its design sensibility as well as its nod to the architecture”.

72 Lever

Novas B series 72 door lever in the Novas premium satin stainless steel finish

Designed by Elenberg Fraser and Disegno, and developed by PDG, the building has been modelled with a clear eco-friendly ethos along with its strong green-inspired design. The Royal Elizabeth’s 20th floor aims to foster a sense of community, being a space for residents to gather, relax and enjoy the rooftop view.

For the interior fit-out, Disegno has worked with many of its long-term partners – including Novas, with whom they have an extensive history of collaborating.

Royal Elizabeth Kitchen B1 Timber Lr Rgb Min
​“Both PDG and Novas share the same ethos and values, driven by passion and anchored by quality. The fact that Novas is still on the journey with us in this latest project is a true testament to the strength of our working partnership,” says CJ Koay of Disegno.

The lever is slim, with an ergonomically graceful shape, contributing to the Royal Elizabeth’s “emphasis on liveability and [treatment of] the communal areas as an extension of the apartments where residents can expand their horizons beyond their private realms”.

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