Australia 108 is set to become the Southern Hemisphere’s tallest multi residential tower, expected to reach over 300 meters tall – 20 meters higher than the Eureka tower.

Its conception comes during a time of global super tower fascination, and the race to reach skyhigh living.

A108 Clouds
Truly iconic

The developers taking on the task of the 100-storey game-changer are World Class Land, enlisting groundbreaking architecture by Fender Katsalidis. A task of this magnitude isn’t possible without the expertise of seasoned builders – in this case, Multiplex.

The sheer size of the tower requires significantly larger and deeper foundations and pilings, which involves certain innovation. In this way, Australia 108 is creating a series of unique jobs rarely before seen in multi residential construction.

Perhaps its most defining feature, aside from its size, is the starburst design statement located on level 72. This bold and unique element is cantilevered, bringing with it its own series of challenges.

Rightly justified, there is a true sense of pride associated with this iconic project – from its size, to its focus on utilising a majority of Victorian-sourced materials, to the huge team involved in bringing it to life.

A108 Star Burst
Novas' place in history

Australia 108 is, of course, expected to redefine the Melbourne skyline, but it is also enlisting Novas to help redefine luxury residential living.

Working closely with Multiplex on Fender Katsalidis’ vision, Novas is replicating Australia 108’s external grandeur in their Architectural Doorware, designed specifically for its 1,150 premium apartments.

“Australia 108 is a landmark project and it deserves nothing less than the Novas premium titanium finishes,” says Shawn Braganza, Novas Commercial Manager.

“It is crucial for Novas to uphold the Fender Katsalidis’ design intent, as well as meeting the expectations of everyone else involved, including the end user.”

A108 Melbourne Skyline Min

Reveling in the expansive Novas offering, Australia 108 will also house an extensive range of Novas sanitary accessories, including towel rails, toilet roll holders, robe hooks, and shower shelves.

Streamlining the process

The Novas multiple package offering comes into play with this project, providing stakeholders with a more streamlined and flexible process imperative across such a complex build.

“Having a Novas package that includes sanitary accessories for Australia 108 is critical for a project of this size,” says Shawn. “It reduces on-site complexity as clients only have to deal with the one business for both packages.”

“This way, we are able to create superior outcomes for our clients by minimising the complexity on an already complicated build.”
An exciting prospect

Australia 108 will make history by literally setting the bar in Southern Hemispheric super towers, as well as luxury residential living, taking Melbournians to new heights beyond the clouds – and Novas are thrilled to be involved.

For more information about the Novas doorware range, click here.