Enclave exists as a perfectly balanced multi residential project — combining luxury apartment living with an enviable East Perth location overlooking the CBD, Wellington Square and the Swan River.

Harnessing all the benefits Enclave’s location has to offer, Blackburne Property Group worked with HASSELL to design a contemporary and stylish boutique development boasting 69 apartments across 12 storeys.

Enclave Outdoor Area With City View 2 Min

The one, two and three bedroom residences benefit from luxury common areas, including an entertaining communal lounge and sky garden, perfectly designed and positioned to maximise the spectacular views.

Strong teams delivering strong projects

Trusting your project team is crucial, particularly when actualising a HASSELL design, and this is why Blackburne partnered with JAXON to oversee Enclave’s construction.

This is Blackburne and JAXON’s third project together — a testament to their strengthening relationship, bound by a shared understanding and respect for each other.

Rhys Johnson, Development Manager at Blackburne, puts it simply:

“They understand the quality we’re trying to deliver.”
Novas joins the team

Working closely with Blackburne, JAXON and the plumbing team, Novas Kitchen & Bathroom custom designed kitchen tapware purpose-built for the Enclave apartments.

“For every specification, we needed to meet a high level of quality and we needed to maintain this. We picked Novas for their variations in colour and finishes, as well as functionality,” says Rhys.
Enclave Kitchen Large — Light Min

Communication is key in producing custom products, and this was no exception. With great understanding about lead times and supply chain management, we worked hard to ensure all stakeholders were able to view, test, provide feedback on and approve the custom tapware as quickly as possible.

“We had prototypes from Novas within a couple of weeks. They weren’t exactly what we were after, so they adapted the prototypes quickly and seamlessly.”

The Eden Kitchen Mixer now features as a permanent fixture in the extensive selection of Novas Kitchen & Bathroom tapware, its sleek and modern composition offering exciting design options for architects, designers and specifiers.

Enclave Kitchen Small — Light Min

Alongside the Eden Kitchen Mixer, the Enclave residences boast the Novas Kitchen & Bathroom Soho Series Tall Basin Mixer, Sliding Rail Shower and In-Wall Mixer, Floor Mounted Bath Filler with Swivel Spout, as well as our Classic Round Series Accessories, Bella Series Back-To-Wall Toilets, Apartment Series Sinks and our gorgeous Malibu Freestanding Baths.

Enclave Case Study Images — Vertical Min
Novas Kitchen & Bathroom working with Novas Architectural Doorware

Offering multiple packages is a key player in ensuring succinct and streamlined processes for our clients.

“There’s comfort around knowing those elements are taken care of, and it eliminates a lot of risk of the procurement of those items,” says Rhys.
Enclave Living Room 1 Min

As a result, Enclave features an array of Novas Architectural Doorware products, including an extensive selection of Ancillary products, our B Series 55 and 50 Door Levers, P Series 50 Door Lever, and our Privacy and Passage Cavity Sliding Sets — all in our classic Satin Stainless Steel finish.

“The quality of doorware products is very high, especially when compared to the more established brands out there, and at better price points,” notes Rhys.
Enclave Living Room 2 Min
Another exciting addition to Perth’s skyline

During an exciting time of development in Perth, Enclave stands as a complete success story for the entire project team, and importantly, its end users.

We’re thrilled to be a part of this new era of development in the West, and look forward to a continuously thriving relationship with Blackburne Property Group.

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