Arguably the most comprehensive residential development in the state, Macquarie Park Village in NSW is a thoughtful curation of seven residential apartment buildings just 17 minutes from Sydney’s CBD.

Boasting enviable North Shore and CBD views, in addition to exclusive amenities, Macquarie Park Village truly encapsulates a premium brand of living.

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High value on expertise

Developers Stamford Land Corporation have an extensive multi residential NSW portfolio, focusing on quality detailing and finishes. It’s not surprising, then, that Macquarie Park Village houses a range of Novas products and services.

Ernest Erdedi, National Purchasing Manager of Parkview, who are the builders of this collection of community-inspired residences, has previously worked alongside Novas, utilising their product and supply chain expertise.

“They have a very easy going management team”, says Ernest. “They’re accommodating and have significant product and supply chain knowledge.”

Regular follow ups with builders throughout ever-changing construction programs, allocating realistic lead times, and guaranteeing experienced labour are all key elements in achieving supply and installation timeframes.

By understanding the intricacies of production and supply chain, and by being involved in the early stages of the tender process, Novas is able to provide greater value management support to key stakeholders, which helps to foster strong partnerships and brilliant projects.

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Strength through streamlined processes

Due to the scale of this project, Novas’ multiple package offering means that Ernest and his team are able to minimise contract complexity by supplementing Novas Architectural Doorware products with Novas Glass & Glazing services. All 640 Macquarie Park Village apartments throughout the multi residential complex will house Novas supplied and installed semi frameless and frameless shower screens.

“The benefit here is that you’re dealing with one company for multiple products, which means you’re utilising the knowledge and expertise of the whole team.”
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Record breaking

As a result, Macquarie Park Village will be Novas’ largest project in NSW utilising the multiple package offering.

A long and trusting relationship between Parkview and Novas on projects such as The Gantry, The Quay, and Cargo Lane works to constantly curate a level of mutual understanding between both parties, ensuring a clear and smooth process from the beginning — something that is crucial for a project this size.

Working closely with Parkview during the builders tender stage and with project negotiations, Novas are able to assist with designs and value management, striving towards meeting architectural design intent with strong, practical and economically sustainable finished products.

Proving ourselves

The unique complexity within Macquarie Park Village is found within the breadth of its residences – each named after one of seven Australian state and territory capitals. Taking on a project of this size requires deep trust in the capabilities of your suppliers. In this case, Novas’ track record of professionalism, product quality, timeliness and diverse expertise gave Ernest and the Parkview team confidence that they were up for the challenge.

At its core, Macquarie Park Village is a seven-in-one project – its size a true testament to its soon-to-be iconic presence; and Novas is delighted to be involved.

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