Right in the hub of Adelaide’s most exciting inner precinct, amongst an eclectic array of boutiques, bars, restaurants and parklands, you’ll find West Franklin — a project designed specifically to assimilate into this thrilling urban environment.

Across 22 storeys, each of the 274 apartments are brilliantly designed by Brown Falconer to celebrate its location, as well as cleverly maximising space and natural light.

West Franklin — Interior Min

Photography by Peter Barnes

Working closely to get the job done

We were excited at the opportunity not only to be involved in such an exciting project, but also the chance to work closely with an exceptional project team.

We’re especially proud of our strong working relationships with Built Evirons — a partnership that resulted in a Novas Glass & Glazing package in addition to a complete Novas Architectural Doorware package for West Franklin.

“Our great relationship with Built Environs meant that we were able to really work through pre-construction challenges. The result was a more streamlined approach to product selection, whilst remaining commercially sustainable." — Nick Carpinelli, Business Development Manager, Novas

The Novas P Series 66 Door Lever is one of the stand out Architectural Doorware products housed at West Franklin — its dramatic edging working seamlessly with Brown Falconer’s vision of a unique, dramatic and striking design.

Being able to include a Novas Glass & Glazing shower screen package on top of our Novas Architectural Doorware offering helped to streamline the process for Built Environs, easing the complications brought about by various project suppliers.

West Franklin — Brickwork Min

Photography by Peter Barnes

Valuing our partners

The West Franklin vision is an expert culmination of modern and dramatic design, ideal location, and luxury accommodation within an emerging urban village, and we are honoured to be a part of it.

Having the chance to be here at Stage 1 of 4, working alongside a passionate and local South Australian builder is exhilarating, and we can’t wait for the next chapter of our project partnership.

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