At Novas, we’re always looking for a better way — a better way of operating, working together, and ultimately, a better way of servicing our clients.

So, we’ve taken the next step in doing just that.

We’ve spent the last 6 months embarking on a long, calculated and collaborative journey, culminating in an innovative new approach to how we work internally.

As a result, next month, when we move into our brand new head office and warehouse space, we will launch our newly implemented Warehouse Management System (WMS).

The brief

Knowing the magnitude of our relocation, we wanted to do things right from the beginning. So we engaged Colin Yeo from Warehouse Focus to help us design our new warehouse and storage.

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Critical analyses of our internal processes, operations and transactions identified an exciting opportunity to rethink the way we do things — a better way of doing things.

“Colin pinpointed some areas for improvement, and we have worked hard together to rethink our warehouse design and the entire process, from order to dispatch, ensuring our information flow is consistent with product flow,” says Shawn Braganza, Novas General Manager.

After months of research and testing, we have onboarded HighJump — an award-winning, leading provider committed to agile and innovative WMS solutions, who offer some of the world’s most cutting-edge warehouse management and logistics systems.

What to expect

There is no doubt that our team is undertaking enormous, multifaceted change that will streamline our strategy and processes, improving accuracy, efficiency and productivity.

“A WMS is more than just an inventory account, it optimisties the way tasks are done in the warehouse,” explains Colin.

As a result, we are expecting a transformational experience for our Warehouse and Customer Service teams.

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At the most basic level, HighJump analyses orders and relays the most organised way to fulfil them — and this transactional accuracy increases warehouse capacity thresholds.

“The advantage here is that your chance of fulfilling customer promises increases because you are improving your stock tracking and reducing internal stress in the office and warehouse floor,” says Colin.

Ultimately, we are making a significant investment into how we can work better together, resulting in the streamlined, quicker, smarter, leaner and hassle-free experiences that our clients are looking for.

On top of that, our clients will benefit from a newly implemented customer batch order pick process, which will increase our pick productivity and therefore our ability to fulfil same day deliveries.

Future proofing

Perhaps one of the most exciting elements of our investment into our WMS is the provisions we’ve allowed for the future.

Part of our decision towards HighJump is its breadth of functions that we currently don’t have a use for, but will in the future.

“We’ve invested in something that will service us for the future, allowing ongoing growth, which is hugely important for us,” says Bruce Chisholm, Novas Senior Product Developer.

By enabling this increased capacity for future functions, we are allowing for a more sustained future within our business.

After months of analysis and planning, we are excited to launch HighJump at our new premises. We’re extremely proud of our investment into our team and systems, and we’re thrilled at the improvement our clients will experience as a result.