As sponsors of the 2019 National Retirement Living Summit Award for Retirement Living Innovation, we are thrilled to be part of such an exciting initiative to improve, innovate and integrate the Aged Care, Retirement and Senior Living sector.

We are looking forward to expanding our knowledge, listening to a program full of inspirational industry professionals, and networking with some of Australia’s leading Aged Care, Retirement and Senior Living consultants, developers and designers.

Here are our top 3 things to look out for at the Summit:

1. Raising the bar

This year’s Summit theme is ‘Raise the bar’, and we can’t wait to learn the different ways people and organisations are pushing boundaries to innovate the way we do things in this sector.

Keynote speaker Lynne Katzmann, CEO and Founder of Juniper Communities, is sure to inspire with stories of how her and her team in the USA are redefining the way residents live and connect within their communities.

Chess Min

Closer to home, we look forward to Session 11: How To Raise The Bar For Residents — an Australia-wide check-in with village resident leaders about their experiences with raising the bar over the last 12 months — and Session 12: Meet The Village Managers — a panel discussion with former winners of Village Manager Of The Year Award.

Of course, we can’t wait to hear from sports champion and Olympic athlete Jane Flemming OAM about how she goes about raising the bar in sports and business.

2. Deep and valuable market insights

Tony Massaro, Partner at PwC Real Estate Advisory will be presenting the key points of the 2019 Retirement Census — the biggest annual snapshot of the Australian Aged Care, Retirement and Senior Living sector.

We are looking forward to sinking our teeth into the numbers and getting an outlook for what we can expect in future years.

3. Innovating and revitalising

How are developers navigating innovation within their villages, amongst regulatory changes and funding uncertainty?

A comprehensive panel discussion between industry leaders for Session 8: Home Care Service Challenges In 2020 And Beyond will take a look at how villages and developers are reinvigorating their practices to continuously provide innovative and responsive service to their residents, within the dynamic industry.

Cafe Min

We’re looking forward to immersing ourselves in the current state of the industry, and taking inspiration from industry professionals and village managers about how we can continue to service residents in an ever-improving, revitalising, innovating and refreshing way, that continues to empower and excite them and their families.

You can join us at the Summit and Awards Night by registering here.