Boasting enviable North Shore and Sydney CBD views, Macquarie Park Village truly encapsulates a premium brand of living, expertly balanced with a truly unique level of community living.

The complex consists an array of multi residential buildings, each named after one of seven Australian state and territory capitals, along with an enviable collection of shared amenities accessible across the entire site.

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Allen Jack+Cottier Architects have meticulously designed a thoughtful collection of shared spaces — brilliantly brought to life by Parkview Constructions — that extend beyond a series of typical facilities you would expect to see within a project of this magnitude.

Community Living At Macquarie Park Village — Exterior Min

Among a shared gym, pool, cabana and BBQ area, Macquarie Park Village boasts amenities seemingly designed to build and strengthen the surrounding communities.

Dotted throughout the site are a community area, reflection area, village green, activity space, a community meeting and function room, as well as cafe and retail options.

Why sharing matters

The opportunities provided by these various shared amenities enable a diverse sense of community engagement, which actually works to embed a shared responsibility over the facilities. As well as encouraging transparency and accountability within the community, it also enables communication and participation.

Community Living At Macquarie Park Village — Tranquil Garden Min

In turn, members of this broader community become more and more aware of each other, thus breeding appreciation, understanding, and aids in the democratic sharing and negotiation of these spaces.

More than just sharing

By empowering the community to engage and participate around and within these facilities, Macquarie Park Village is playing an important role in somewhat of a shared living revolution.

By fostering subtle, everyday interactions, these shared spaces are working towards building a stronger, happier community.

What can we expect from our future shared spaces? Learn more in our report ‘The Future of Public Design’ here.

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