When Chris Exner, Associate Principal of Rothelowman Architects, was asked why he decided to dedicate a week in April to compete in the largest tarmac rally in the world, his answer was simple: to realise his childhood dream.

Growing up in Hobart with the rally’s path on his doorstep, Chris has always been fascinated with Targa Tasmania: “The rally is huge. With 38-40 stages and anywhere between 300-380 cars, you can really appreciate the complexities involved.”

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After making his Targa Tasmania debut in 2016 — the event’s 25th anniversary — Chris took a break in 2017 to dedicate time to building his 1995 Mazda RX7 SP for the 2018 race.

“Targa is a real endurance event on both the cars and the vehicles. With such taxing road conditions, you need the right equipment and personnel, which is why I race with Cheryl Dominguez, my co-driver and navigator.”

Understanding the harshness and risk of the event, it’s no wonder Chris takes great care to meticulously select his support network.

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Partnerships beyond business

Working in an environment where projects can last between 2 to 5 years, building positive professional relationships is a significant factor in Chris’ day-to-day dealings.

At Novas, we’re invested in building and fostering healthy relationships that extend beyond business, which is why we jumped at the chance to sponsor Chris during his 2018 Targa Tasmania entry.

“It was nice to have the support from Novas — we have a more personal link compared to some other relationships in the industry,” says Chris.
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Lasting the test of time

Working together for just under 10 years, both parties understand the mutual benefits created through this close partnership:

“My relationship with Novas goes beyond a professional setting — I know that we can really rely on each other.”

Providing our clients with support across all stages of a project’s process helps to instil trust, and mitigate problematic and high–pressure pain points, particularly those around ensuring design intent post–specification.

“The Novas service is fantastic — Beverley is always there to help, and the products are reliable, fit for purpose, well designed and readily available,” notes Chris.

“And history tells us that by working with Novas, our designs will be actualised in the final product.”
From strength to strength

At Novas we don’t just help you realise your professional visions — we’re invested in supporting you to realise your personal dreams as well.

Competing in Targa Tasmania is an opportunity to experience some of the most challenging mental and physical conditions in a tarmac race event — for Chris, an opportunity years in the making.

A huge congratulations to Chris and Cheryl on their impressive efforts during the 2018 race — it was an honour and privilege to be involved.

Bring on 2019!

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