Participating in gruelling cycling challenges isn’t anything new for Novas Senior Business Development Manager, Nathan Robertson. But this one was special.

Organised by Condev Cares, the charity arm of Condev Constructions, ‘Condev Cares Life Cycle Charity Bike Ride 2018 (CCLC)’ saw 22 cyclists ride 1,000kms over 6 days from Newcastle, NSW to Robina, QLD.

The goal was to raise $40,000 for the Currumbin Community Special School (CCSS), who provide quality education for Queensland students with intellectual disabilities and possible secondary impairments including hearing, vision, physical and Autism Spectrum disorders.

Event sponsorship with a last minute addition

As an avid rider for just under 10 years, Nathan was thrilled to learn about the event:

“Unfortunately the ride was full by this stage, but I jumped straight into seeing what Novas could do to support Condev Cares.”

After some planning, Novas partnered with Science in Sports (SiS) and CamelBak to provide the riders with high performing sports nutrition products and water bottles for the impending challenge.

As fate would have it, 5 days before the event, a rider withdrew, making space for our very own Nathan.

Cclc Ride 2018 — Nathan With Drink

“I’ve done a lot of long-distance riding before, but nothing over 2 days. This was my longest ride ever and with virtually no time to train, I was a little apprehensive going in.”

On the big stage with some big names

Lee Masters, Condev’s Marketing Manager, and a seasoned rider in his own right, did a fantastic job of curating a challenging course through dirt climbs and paths, with an impressive list of participating athletes, including professional bike riders Robbie McEwen and Nick Gates, as well as Mat Rogers, former Australian rugby league and union player.

With many moving parts, the event required a team of dedicated support staff, headed by event organiser and Novas sponsored support vehicle driver, Andy Baxter, as well as Jamie Lehmann and Peter McLaughlin, who graciously catered breakfast and lunch each day.

“It was a real team effort,” recalls Nathan, “from the 22 cyclists supporting each other every day, to the support staff like Kenny Cunningham, the bike mechanic, who cleaned and serviced 22 bikes each day.”
Cclc Ride — Mat Rogers With Novas Drink Bottle
Cclc Ride 2018 — Robbie Nick

With unexpected and consistent rain lasting the entirety of the ride, motivation wasn’t the only challenge: “The real challenge was backing up our efforts and riding long distances every day, but that wasn’t helped by the rain, which makes everything that much harder,” says Nathan.

Cclc Ride 2018 — Dirty Bike
Beyond business

Learning more about Currumbin Community Special School and drawing parallels between their vision “Working together, learning for life” and our own values, we were thrilled to support such a worthy cause.

Similarly, knowing the brilliant work Condev Cares does, as well as the professional way Condev Constructions conducts their business, sponsoring this event was a no brainer.

Cclc Ride 2018 — Nathan Leading The Pack
Cclc Ride 2018 — Nathan Riding

“Novas were incredible in supporting the event, and staff interests in general. In fact, working for Novas is an inclusive and great family environment, much like a team. And I liken that to the CCLC ride itself,” notes Nathan.

“Working for Novas is a bit like riding in a team: when someone is slower or weaker, the team rallies behind them to support them.”
Cclc Ride 2018 — Rider Leaning On Novas Van
Exceeding expectations

It didn’t take long for the initial fundraising target of $40,000 to nearly quadruple to $150,000 thanks to the generosity of event participants, sponsors, and public donors.

With this donation, CCSS are able to purchase pacers, tandem bicycles and upright handcycles for their students to enjoy.

Cclc Ride 2018 — Currumbin Student And Rider
Beyond proud

To be charitable is important, but to be charitable in a team with like-minded people from remarkable organisations is magic.

We are thrilled to have been a part of this year’s Condev Cares Life Cycle Charity Bike Ride, and incredibly proud of Nathan’s efforts.

We can’t wait for next time!

You can find out more about Condev Cares here and Currumbin Community Special School here.