Designed by Architectus, Macquarie University Incubator exists as a hub for students, researchers and staff to develop their entrepreneurial skills and ideas. What better place to innovate than within an innately innovative public design that, from the beginning, was destined to inspire its users via its commitment to sustainable design.

Rethinking Power At Macquarie University Incubator Greener Spaces Spawn 2 — Horizontal Images Min

Photography by Murray Fredericks

Lighting solutions

The project’s 1km of LED strip lighting plays an integral role to its clean and minimalist indirect lighting design. It also works to ease pressure from the photovoltaic rooftop solar panels by 75%, which are responsible for offsetting 60% of the building’s total power usage.

Rethinking Power At Macquarie University Incubator Greener Spaces Spawn 2 — Vertical Image Min

Photography by Murray Fredericks

Passive design: a welcome addition

Lighting and power solutions aren’t the only exciting sustainable elements to this project — it’s home to a series of passive design choices, supported by active additions.

“(This project) is a standout example of what can be achieved when design is not necessarily bound by common practice, but is informed by asking how challenges can be overcome when working holistically.” (Arup)

The interior temperature is automatically regulated depending on occupant location and is assisted by natural ventilation via operable windows. On top of that, the exterior’s overhanging roof and double glazed windows help to reduce heat gains. This results in an indoor climate system that is self-sustained for approximately 60% of the year.

The Incubator is an important part of the Macquarie Park Innovation District, and is a testament to the project team’s dedication to creating exciting projects with inspiring sustainability features.

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