Sensor Tapware Series Hero Wall Mount Cropped

After recent years, touchless technology has become increasingly part of our everyday lives. Smarter, simpler and more hygienic, it provides a safe and convenient way to clean your hands.

Novas is proud to introduce its latest range of sensor tapware that is both aesthetic and functional, making washing hands more accessible in public spaces.

From offices to shopping centers and hotels, we are looking forward to seeing our Smart Tapware featured in upcoming commercial projects with a variety of applications including water, air, soap, and sanitiser.

Sensor Tapware Series Hero Hob Mount

Why Choose Smart Tapware?

Design Flexibility

The seamless design of the Novas Smart Tapware series looks cohesive across its different applications as a tap, soap dispenser, sanitiser dispenser and hand drier.

Ease of Service

Novas Smart Tapware offers ease of service. The liquid, soap and foam are interchangeable with optional 1L and 3L tanks that require less refilling. The taps are easy to clean making the products simple to maintain.


Built to last, Novas Smart Tapware products are made from 304 stainless steel material with no brass or electroplating. It is also tamper-proof with PVD (titanium) coloured finishes.

Choose from wall-mounted or hob-mounted

The sleek design of Novas Smart Tapware can be suited to both wall and hob mounting executions for a seamless look across both options.

Wall Mounted

Smart Tap Wall Mount

Hob Mounted

Smart Tap Hob Mount


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