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Last month, our Creative Director and Product Designer Nicholas Johnston attended the Red Dot Design Awards in Germany as Novas won the illustrious Product Design Award for our Frame Collection.

Every year, the Red Dot Design Awards set out to find the year’s best products from across the globe that may be aesthetically appealing, functional, smart, and innovative.

The products are assessed by an international jury with products individually scrutinised for their design quality and degree of innovation.

After two years of celebrating the Red Dot Design Awards digitally due to the pandemic, it was incredible to witness the best in product design come together at the stunning Aalto theatre, designed by the revered architect Alva Aalto.

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According to Nicholas Johnston, some of the most outstanding architectural items included:

Milano horizontal radiator from Tubes Radiatori
The objective of the Italian company is to conceive objects that combine the functionality of radiators with an unusual sculptural quality. Reminiscent of the porcelain insulators of transformer stations, the dominant shape of Milano horizontal interacts with the architecture in form and function, creating a space-connoting effect which adds an individual touch to the ambience of various interior aesthetics.

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Integrate flush home automation technology from Gira
The door intercom system by Gira reveals who is at the door even before it is opened. The Gira system is characterised by simple elegance that combines the functions of a doorbell, camera and intercom for reliable protection. The shapely unit combines modern technology and purist design, and was conceived in such a way that it can be integrated flush into the house facade.

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Nest Cam Technology from Google
Cameras play an important role in smart home living scenarios. The Nest Cam is a battery-powered smart surveillance camera for outdoors and indoors that combines numerous functions and sophisticated technology for more home security. Designed with soft and round shapes, it can be installed wherever it is needed being impressively fluid in appearance.

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Daytona SP3 from Ferrari

Inspired by the stylistic language of 1960s racing cars, the Daytona SP3 is a sports car that brings a contemporary interpretation to the design hallmarks of its forebears. One key element of the Daytona SP3 is its butterfly doors with integrated air channels to guide the airstream generated by the front wheels. They are characteristic of the sports car’s purely passive aerodynamics, for which new elements such as chimneys have been integrated.

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In a world highlighting the importance of healthcare technology, there were also many deserving Best of the Best Winners dedicated to improving people’s lives in this high-stakes category. Taking out the Big Design Team of Year was Phillips who have demonstrated themselves as pioneers in the field over the last decade.

Following the ceremony, over 1,200 guests from 40 nations visited the museum where all products were presented in a large decommissioned steelworks factory. Our Frame collection is now on display at the Red Dot Museum in Essen for the next 12 months.


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