Smart Lock by Novas is an advanced solution to building security and accessibility. It is intelligently installed into a doorframe, removing the need for keys, fobs and bulky digital systems for secure and seamless entry to your home, apartment, workplace or building facilities.

Working closely with property developers and access control industry experts, Novas identified a need for a seamless building access control system for Residential, Built to Rent and Commercial buildings that was easy to use for both occupiers and building management.

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Introducing Smart Lock building integration

With Smart Lock by Novas there is no longer a need for a physical access cards or fobs to gain access your building entry, garage, gym, or any common area door. Utilising Safetrust, the worlds smartest mobile phone access technology, your phone is now your digital fob that is always on hand. When you present your phone to a physical card reader the door will unlock, ensuring efficiency while maintaining security.

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Benefits of Smart Lock Building Integration for users:

Smart Lock Building Integration is designed to support the various scenarios of how multi residential buildings are managed.

  • Owner occupier
  • Build to Rent / Air BNB

Apartment owners can manage their own apartment eKeys for Smart Locks, as they do now with physical keys (building manager has no access to apartment front doors). Building managers are in control of issuing virtual proximity cards (vCards) for common areas and base building (lift / carpark etc) just as they do down now with Physical Access Cards. All eKey’s and Virtual Cards (vCards) land in the one easy to use app

In the case of rental units, the property manager can manage both eKeys and vCards. This could be for the entire building, or buildings (Build to rent) or just a sub set of the building, say front entry, lift and a single apartment in the case of an short stay accommodation or AirBnB.

  • Key sharing: With Smart Lock’s technology you can share unlimited access, one time access or specific times for friends, family, Air bnb guests or service providers such as plumbers and lift technicians. Smart Lock gives you complete control over who has digital keys and vCards as well as when and where they can use them, creating the ultimate convenience for key sharing.
  • Secure design: Smart Lock embraces Bluetooth Smart Technology which allows for unprecedented security from a smart device. The Smart Lock digital wallet can provide seamless access throughout entire buildings taking integration to a whole new level in your workplace or apartment building.

Full door integration: You no longer have to settle for bulky digital systems fixed to the door. Smart Lock is installed in the doorframe, making it the preferred system amongst interior designers and architects as it allows for design flexibility and is seamlessly integrated into your existing door design. No need for keys or a fob Smart Lock replaces your keys and physical access cards. Via the Smart Lock app, your phone becomes a digital key and access card. Use your phone to badge against wired access card readers (building entry, garage, lift etc) and use the app to unlock doors nd devices fitted with Smart Locks (apartment entry, offices, storage cage padlocks).

One Touch Unlocking

Benefits for building managers and operations:

Smart Lock by Novas is an excellent solution for building managers as it is a low cost and efficient solution to key sharing processes within building operations.

Smart Lock Building Integration allows efficient access for trade services, property managers and tenants across your building environment, even where you have disparate hardwired access control systems.

Smart Lock Building Integration integrates to 3rd party smart building management systems such as We Wumbo and Huski Trade services for process automation such as user onboarding, job booking, access rights update, building maintenance and shared resource booking.

This means building managers can grant access to short stay tenants, service providers and other contractors, removing time consuming processes for checking in and out. The pre-determined time for key sharing means that after the use of the key, they will no longer be able to access the building, all controlled via a central system.

  • Multiple building management: Once set up, building managers can manage multiple buildings across the country from the one site, no matter where the apartment or office block is. User rights can be issued and revoked over the air as Smart Lock allows full remote user management, including granular control to issue restricted access.
  • Low infrastructure requirements: Other security systems in the market require significant infrastructure which can be costly and complicated to implement, involving the installation of gateways and routers. When using Smart Lock, the system acts as the modem and central database itself, meaning there is no need for systems to be physically wired throughout an entire building. There is also no other back-end infrastructure required, when the app interacts with the Smart Lock or card reader, it relays events (access history, battery status) to the cloud.
  • Smart Lock can be retrofitted to your needs: Smart Lock technology can be adapted and retrofitted to the standard building infrastructure that already exists. There is no API charge for Integriti, you just need to put the system behind a firewalled internet connection that allows cloud connectivity. There is also no other back-end infrastructure required, when the app interacts with the Smart Lock or card reader, it relays events (access history, battery status) to the cloud.

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