We are proud to unveil our latest collection of premium doorware, tapware and bathroom accessories, Prime. Celebrating Novas’ 25 year anniversary and Australians’ love for integrated indoor and outdoor lifestyles, Prime pays homage to our founding story, rooted in high-quality stainless steel architectural products that stand the test of time.

The composition of Prime’s 316 signature-grade of stainless steel, predominately of which is recycled from reclaimed scrap and post-consumer waste, creates an ideal material to withstand the toughest environments, providing upmost utility in its material performance but also its design with an intuitive connection between human and object in the most simplified form.

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Australian designed, for Australian conditions

Home to more than 50,000kms of coastline and over 10,000 beaches, Australia and its rugged landscape inform the design ethos and science of Prime. Designed by award-winning Australian product designer and Novas Creative Director, Nicholas Johnston off the back of our award-winning collection, Frame. Growing up on Melbourne’s coastline, it’s this organic connection to nature that inspired the durability of Prime which embodies a raw minimalist design marked by fine outlets contrasted with bolder, heavier architectural forms.

“Stainless steel is associated with utility. Its unique composition makes it highly durable in its raw form without any need for harmful coatings. We are moving towards more circular materials that are naturally sustainable, highly recyclable and energy efficient which is why we opted for this material in Prime, made to withstand Australia’s rugged landscapes and tumultuous weather conditions” says Novas Creative Director Nicholas Johnston
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A new benchmark in sustainable fittings and fixtures

316 is a corrosion-resistant steel with high tensile strength. It has superior toughness and corrosion resistance, ensuring a long-lasting product across a range of commercial and residential applications.

Prime is fitted with energy saving water cartridge technology, designed to minimise the amount of energy consumed during use to achieve the highest energy & water rating.

With a renewed focus on sustainable materials, stainless steel can be recycled an infinite number of times without any reduction in quality, ensuring low impact on the environment.

“When conceptualising the second hero collection for Novas, we took a retrospective approach, reflecting on what has made Novas the success story it is today. For Novas, it’s a commitment to quality, grit, curiosity and timelessness which is why we opted for 316 grade stainless steel” says Novas Managing Director Todd Foster.

Created for indoor and outdoor Australian lifestyles

Increasingly we’re seeing home as a retreat with indoor and outdoor integration and natural material palette. 316 Stainless Steel works perfectly aesthetically and functionally within these environments - allowing Prime to seamlessly integrate in various home décor styles and aesthetics.

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“The cylinder volume of Prime is sliced creating a flat section that provides affordance of where and how to place the hand on the objects that need to be interacted with. An ergonomic form that comfortably mimics the hand, and provides enough leverage to control the handle when hands are slippery” says Novas Creative Director Nicholas Johnston
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The accessible and responsive design of Prime can be carried across a range of fittings and fixtures including tapware, doorware, showers and other bathroom accessories, creating a visually and tactically cohesive experience which Novas is renowned for.

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“At Novas, we have an unwavering commitment to delivering the very best architectural products and continuing to champion a unified hardware experience. Just like our flagship collection Frame, Prime allows designers, specifiers and homeowners to effortlessly create design cohesion with designed-to-match architectural products across tapware, doorware and accessories that have an exact colour and texture match. This takes the hard work out of trying to source products that are similar enough” says Novas General Manager Paul Thornewell
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The Prime collection is available in three different finishes including 316 stainless steel, gun metal PVD and satin black PVD, focusing on minimal deposits to retain the raw and natural finish of this premium range.

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To explore the Prime collection and see the quality first-hand, visit an expert reseller in your state via our reseller page.