As the global population grows, so does the need for additional urban development, which, as time goes by, continuously presents new challenges.

Where do we put the additional 2.1 billion people estimated to roam our planet by 2050, bringing our total global population to 9.8 billion, according to the 2018 United Nations World Urbanisation Prospects Report?

Better yet, how do we accommodate the 68% of them — a massive 6.66 billion people — expected to live in urban areas by 2050?

The answer lies in smaller living spaces — multi residential dwellings designed to help cities as they absorb these increasing populations.

It’s up to the creativity, vision and expertise of the world’s architects and designers to ensure these spaces are liveable and compatible with how people interact with each other and their homes.


Architect: 3XA

Throughout the years, trends and fads, there has always been one material designers reach for when maximising space: glass.

Glass harnesses the space and materials that are available, and with the assistance of light, reflection, refraction and brilliant designs, can truly transform any public, private, living and/or working area.

So, what are some of the ways glass is being used to actually change the way we live?

Glass and mirrored splashbacks

Mirrored splashbacks work well to enhance a kitchen’s space by magnifying the room’s view and natural light, all through reflection. By creating this sense of space, glass splashbacks assist in encouraging more interactive, open plan living zones.


Alternatively, window-style glass splashbacks are a natural source of light and work well to create illusions of larger kitchen areas by blurring the line between the space’s internal and external boundaries.

Frameless shower screens

When designing bathrooms with limited space, architects and designers are often challenged with finding the ideal location for the shower.

In this circumstance, frameless shower screens are versatile, strong and sleek solutions. Their minimalist composition is perfect for reducing the shower wall footprint/s, and Ultra Clear and Clear glass options will ensure natural and artificial light penetrates the entire room, enhancing the illusion of space.

For more information about Ultra Clear and Clear frameless shower screen options, contact Novas Glass & Glazing here.

Glass walls

As an alternative to open plan living, broken plan living incorporates the benefits of open plan designs, such as maximising space by increasing spatial flow and clever uses of natural light, but includes the use of structural elements to create physical room separations.


Architect: Stiff + Trevillion

By using glass walls in this way, architects and designers are balancing a room’s independence with its vital role to the overall space’s inclusive design.

Frosted glass walls provide privacy and, at the same time, enable natural light coverage, whilst clear glass stylishly maximises the space.

Glass floors and roofs

When designing small living spaces, creative thinking is crucial — often ideas born out of necessity become brilliant with some architectural and design expertise.

When accessing natural light using traditional methods becomes impossible, exploring the space’s floor as an option can provide unique, contemporary and breathtaking solutions.


Architect: Eldridge London

On the other hand, by being angled directly towards the light source, a glass roof can brighten up a room over twice as much as a traditional vertical window, and because glass roofs are typically thinner than solid roofs, architects and designers can capitalise on headroom — perfect for smaller areas.

Glass Roof V2

Architect: FC Architects

There is no doubt that architects and designers face more and more challenges as the living spaces in our cities continue to shrink. By cleverly using specific building and design materials, they have the chance to revolutionise the way we live — and glass is the first step!

At the forefront of glass solutions, and with a unique presence throughout Australia, Novas Glass & Glazing specialises in the production and installation of safe, high quality, and customised glass services, including frameless and semi-frameless shower screens, splashbacks and mirrors.

For more information about how Novas Glass & Glazing can supply your next project, contact us now.

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