Joinery Installation Tile

Novas Joinery understands the time-sensitivity of the installation process. As a result, we have formulated and implemented specialised tools and techniques to minimise risk and increase productivity.

Customised software is used to enhance our expertise in Project Management by tracking and providing you with updates about the installation process, and helping to manage the contract’s administration. Similarly, our self-functioning and self-managing teams work hard so you don’t have to.

To assist with the overall project’s success, our on-site support team extends to dedicated Project Managers, Site Managers, and installers.

By engaging a labour-focussed team specifically to manage and execute vertical and horizontal product movement (floor loading/unloading), our installers are preserved, ensuring they’re focussed on the installation.

With our strong attention to constantly innovate and improve the installation process, you can trust Novas Joinery will get the job done.

Joinery Kitchen Tile

We work extensively with kitchen products and understand the importance kitchen-specific functions, such as engineering airflow for integrated appliances.

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Joinery Vanities Tile

We help to create architecturally designed cutting-edge, slimline vanities, whilst continuously ensuring functionality, design and cost-competitiveness.

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Wardrobe Joinery Test

We produce quality wardrobe solutions that balance functionality and versatility with design aesthetics.

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Joinery Tile

Novas Joinery specialises in building and fostering partnerships in order to maintain design intent and product quality, whilst ensuring cost competitiveness.

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