Door Seals

Design of the Month – Mar

Novas expands its product offering to include Novas Door Seals, providing a seamless project installation experience.

With Novas’ extensive and varied door furniture range, the introduction of the Novas Door Seal range allows customers and clients to source a complete door opening solution that will see their projects through from beginning to end.

The idea of total service provision is at the core of Novas’ door furnishing range and Novas Door Seals are specifically designed to respond to market demand while also simplifying the project installation process.

Applying its extensive industry knowledge and experience, Novas found that Automatic Door Bottom Seals and Perimeter Door Seals account for 80 per cent of door seals sold into the building market. “It quickly became evident that there was great demand for high quality, efficient and reliable products for this category,” says Novas’ Marketing Manager Beverley Meagher.

Working closely with their manufacturers, Novas has developed the Novas Door Seals range to meet both Novas and Australian industry standards. “Novas Door Seals are designed to meet some of the most rigorous international standards and building codes,” comments Beverley. “As a frequent supplier of large-scale apartment projects, we intimately understand industry and regulation compliance, making our Novas Door Seals a practical choice for projects.

“The range forms an integral part of any commercial or apartment entry, protecting occupants from the elements, smoke, noise and fire.”

Novas Door Seals are available in standard sizes with door sets, including Automatic Door Bottom Seals and Perimeter Door Seals in a clear anodised finish. By constantly expanding its product range and innovating in product design, Novas continues to supply high quality products to provide a seamless project experience.

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