Nick Carpinelli

Industry Chat – Feb

Nick Carpinelli discusses growth within the South Australian apartment market
and how Novas’ multi-package approach benefits developers, architects and builders.

Nick CarpinelliNick Carpinelli knows a lot about door hardware, having started in the hardware industry at the age of 16 and worked his way up to his current position as Architectural Construction Manager SA/NT for Novas Interiors.

“In South Australia, Novas Interiors are predominantly strong in the apartment market, office buildings and high-end residential,” says Nick. “However, the Adelaide market has been very flat over the past four to five years, there hasn’t been the volume seen in Melbourne and Sydney. That’s about to change. There’s a lot of projects now in the approval stage and many coming out of the ground.”

According to Nick, the key driver lifting the Adelaide apartment market is overseas investors and an influx of overseas students requiring housing.

“People overseas feel safe sending their children to Adelaide to study at our universities,” says Nick, “and are buying apartments for them to live in. Consequently, a number of Asian developers are also entering the market.”

With the Adelaide apartment market quite literally on the rise, Novas Interiors offers competitive advantages of flexibility, customisation and well-priced packages with a mix of products, including new door seals.

Unique within the Australian construction and design industry, Novas Interiors enables industry professionals to source and coordinate a diversity of products and services for their complex projects using a single supplier.

“Developers, builders and architects like dealing with us because we are flexible and easy to deal with,” says Nick. “We offer a broad mix of products that make administration easier. The less suppliers they have to deal with, the happier they are all around.”

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