Blackened Steel

Design of the Month – Feb

Novas’ new Blackened Steel with its soft patina and hints of metal grain, is taking the door furniture market by storm.

Blackened Steel is a unique addition to the Novas range of architectural door furniture. Developed and produced exclusively by Novas, Blackened Steel falls into the ‘Living Finish’ category, its patina softening over time to provide a subtle black finish.

Black has become firmly established as a popular accent colour across interiors both residential and commercial. Responding to this demand with an innovative and enduring solution, Novas’ in-house developed Blackened Steel finish allows you to extend your design vision right through to your door furniture.

“Thanks to its unique appearance Blackened Steel coordinates well with natural holistic materials such a timbers, stones, wool, glass, water and earth, which makes it the perfect choice for a wide range of contexts including residential, commercial, hospitality and more,” says Novas Interiors’ marketing manager, Beverley Meagher.

Appearing very differently to the widely used coated and plated black finishes, Blackened Steel reveals a depth of character in its finish, the metal’s fine grain peeking through beneath the blackened finish. This unique look is achieved using a black oxide process which coats and permeates the stainless steel to give it that living finish appeal.

Already Blackened Steel can be seen in a range of multi-density and commercial retail projects nationally, the growing demand for this exclusively developed finish confirming that to lead by design is to lead with innovation and vision.

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