Industry Chat – Jan

As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail, and at Novas we’re sticklers for beautiful architectural details! We chat with the like-minded team at Rothelowman, who are aficionados of design quality.

Associate Interior Design at Rothelowman, Roberta Tessarolo, has noticed a growing awareness among developers, as well as home buyers, for quality design in multi-residential interiors. “They are becoming so much more savvy about what they want in an apartment,” says Roberta. With that closer attention to detail comes new demand for intelligent design solutions – improved storage, bespoke details, custom designs that fit the need and the space.

With this attention to the finer details comes a greater focus on the finishing touches – such as architectural door furniture and joinery. Here, says Roberta, the style has shifted from “minimalist design to something more streamlined and slick”. “It comes down to those little details being unique, more premium, more quality” – a status symbol of good taste.

Roberta also highlights materiality as being a major focus, with a mix of natural materials (like timber) and neutral tones finding popularity within multi-residential projects. “Interiors have become quite textured and layered,” she comments. “People are looking for really homey, textured, touchy-feely spaces. It’s about the experience.”

Layering and texture can be brought in through those finer details, she says. “A tile can be textured, a handle can add another layer of texture.”

When it comes to selecting architectural door furniture, Roberta looks for a solution that speaks to the overall design concept. “Novas have a good range that can help define the overall quality and look – and even colourways with black, white and different metal finishes.”

Roberta likens designing an interior to assembling a good outfit. “You get dressed up, you add a belt, a necklace, other jewellery – you start layering up. Like fashion, interiors too, become more interesting and textural with layering.”

Among Rothelowman’s most recent projects is Brass House, a boutique development of 30 – 40 apartments; and Latrobe Tower which features 200+ apartments. Both are excellent examples of Rothelowman’s detailed approach to multi-residential design and, we’re proud to say, feature Novas Architectural products throughout.

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Image: Brass House, courtesy of Rothelowman