Shawn Braganza

Industry Chat – Dec

Novas Interiors’ Shawn Braganza discusses the super tower trend in Australia, and the importance of good relationships in the face of tight competition.

shawnMelbourne is well and truly in a multi-residential boom – and the super towers keep growing, says Shawn Braganza, Novas’ Commercial Manager for VIC, Tas and ACT.

The boom is at its height in Melbourne, with Sydney following closely behind. Canberra too, is experiencing new growth in the apartment sector – although the super tower trend, says Shawn, is really exclusive to Melbourne and Sydney.

Shawn, who has worked in the local commercial market for more than a decade, attributes the growth spurt, in part, to overseas investment. That, and the fact that “all the apartments are selling and there’s an appetite among home buyers and investors”, he says.

Shawn has worked with Novas since 2004, specialising in Novas’ flagship brands, Novas Architectural and Novas Luxe. “We offer our clientele ultimate flexibility thanks to our contractual package approach (through Novas Interiors).”

Shawn attributes the success of Novas Interiors to Novas’ diverse product offering and flexible operational model which focuses on “speed to action” and controlled, quality manufacturer.

Novas’ wholly owned manufacturing plant allows the Novas team to be in constant communication with their engineers and production experts. “We’re in contact with our own people on the ground working with the product, and we understand the full process,” comments Shawn.

Working across all levels of industry, from developers to construction and design, is a particular highlight for Shawn who believes in building strong relationships with industry, rather than simply “winning on price”.

“For us it’s always about the relationship with our customer – ensuring they get the best from us and that their loyalty is always repaid.”

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