Luxestone Basins & baths

Design of the Month –

Novas Luxe’s new range of organically designed Luxestone basins and baths can bring any bathroom vision to life.

With its clean lines, organic form and matt finish, the Luxestone range of basins and baths from Novas Luxe taps in to the growing trend for a natural look and feel in the bathroom.

Designed and produced in-house by Novas Luxe, Luxestone is made using an exclusive combination of quartzite and resin which, according to Novas Luxe managing director, Stuart Bevan, is “highly durable while also giving it a very organic look”.

The range of basins and baths is built around versatile, organic forms which are complemented by a creamy, natural colouring and matte finish.

Luxestone’s unique material composition, says Stuart, makes the range flexible to any bathroom style, tying in with popular natural materials such as stone tiles and timber finishes.

Stuart highlights the range’s soft, velvety feel. “When we recently displayed it, people loved to walk up and touch the Luxestone surfaces,” he says. This, combined with its creamy, natural tonal qualities, makes it a unique and versatile option.

The basins and baths are formed using injection moulding, meaning the possibilities for design, shape and form are endless, and the finished product always seamless.

“Luxestone is individual to the market, and an excellent alternative to standard ceramic or standard matt finish white solid surface materials,” says Stuart, pointing out the added benefit of it being a fingerprint-free surface.

Thanks to its material composition, the range is non-porous, UV-resistant and mould-resistant. “It’s also extremely economical,” points out Stuart, crediting this to Novas’s finely honed manufacturing operation and the fact the range is manufactured, in part, using recycled quartzite.

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