Create your own Signature style.

Novas Architectural “Lead by Design” takes Signature to new levels with a creative product development, custom design and manufacture service.

Novas Signature allows you to inject your creative vision into the fine detail of your project by working with Cobalt Niche, a leading Melbourne based Industrial Design studio. Cobalt Niche will work closely with your initial concept, exploring the potential of materials, form and application to produce a final design. Working on the latest 3D development software, Cobalt Niche will deliver a high quality visual followed by engineering drawings for production.

Premium Design. Superior Style.

Novas Architectural has an enviable reputation in challenging the boundaries in design of architectural door entry solutions. Novas Signature collection has been developed in collaboration with leading architects to provide uncompromised design, quality and excellence to any project. Inspirational design in levers, entrance handles, bathroom accessories and sliding door tracks.

The ultimate in modern luxury.

The Signature incorporates premium options for door levers, entrance handles, bathroom accessories and sliding doors. By selecting within the Signature range, you are creating a project that will reflect the ultimate in modern luxury.